August 13, 2007

Day 55.......

..... and what a gorgeous afternoon for a walk. Today we decided to go down to the olive grove down behind our house to see what we could find, I know that there are a few Kangaroos and a big family of Bunnies that live there because I see them every morning out my kitchen window while I make my coffee!
Took some cute pics while we were down there, I love this one of Ryan and myself and as usual Megan pulled a face when it was her turn.
On the way back we stopped in and visited our chookies, who would have thought that these little creatures would make the best pets ever!!!

STOP HOLD THE PRESS..... just as I was half way through doing this post Ryan came in and said "Mum you gotta see this quick come with me", a number of things went through my mind like what have they done now!! After a while you learn to expect anything and everything, guess what they did this time.....

Yep that's right they rounded the chooks up and thought they might like a little go on the trampoline!!!
This one really looks like she is enjoying herself doesn't she!
I wonder if she will lay one of those bum nuts tomorrow..... maybe not!
Like I said you learn to expect anything and everything around here!
Until tomorrow if I survive that long bye for now.


Tracey said...

Love your pics Brenda they look great.

Pip said...

Hey Brenda ... I haven't popped by your blog for a few days ... Ryan and Megan have been busy by the looks of it ... I can't believe how muddy Megan is, where on earth did they find that much mud??? Love the photos of the chooks on the trampoline .... looks like the kids are pretty happy to be living on a farm. Love looking at all of your photos, they make me laugh.

Jodi said...

Great photos!!! You have such a varied life out there on the farm!! Cant wait to see the layout!!