August 12, 2007

Just another day

Well Saturday night dinner went well, that was until Megan told me that her tummy hurt.... you just need to go and do a No 2 I told her. Seconds later and standing about 2m away from me sitting at the dinner table with our guest she projectile vomited all over me!!! I was covered from my shoulders to my knees.... Hmmmm such a lovely warm feeling!!! Lucky we had just finished eating.... poor Richard didn't know whether to laugh or vomit himself!!! Don't think he will be coming back for dinner in a hurry! lol.

Today started off a bit slow as Megan and myself stayed up most of the night with her head in a bucket, I thought I might be able to have a little rest after lunch because I was so tired but it turned out Mark had invited people over for nibbles and drinks ( yay can't wait ) and I had to get organised for that. I was cleaning up inside the kids were outside amusing themselves as usual when I heard the most devilish laugh ever!!! upon investigation this is what I found......

This is my daughter.... you know the one with the beautiful long hair down to her waist!!!

They are OH SO PROUD of what they had achieved! can't you tell!!

... and enjoying every single minute of it all!!
Megan looks like something that crawled up out of the swamp.... check out her eyes don't they look evil!
I was amused and cranky at the same time because Mark had taken my camera to work to take a picture of a Pivot... I told him that something always happens when he does this, and just as I had predicted it did!! Not happy Jan!!!! These pics were taken by my mobile phone, I really didn't expect that they would turn out this good so that sort of eased the pain a little.
My next problem was how was I going to get them cleaned up before our friend's came for nibbles and drinks! Megan's head and hair was caked in mud about 2 inches thick! I told them I would have to hose them down before they came inside to the shower, the very second I hit Megan with the hose she ran and because she was unable to see where she was going she ran right into a clothes line full of nice clean dry washing ready to come off!! This totally made my day!!! I was really cranky when it happened but looking back now it was one of the funniest things ever and I wish I had it on video because I think I would have won Australia's Funniest Home Video's with it!!!!!
After all of that Nibbles and Drinks went really well we all had a laugh and no one vomited on anyone.... phew!!!
This was day 54 and I'm sorry I didn't take my pic but I thought the mud pics totally made up for it!!!


AmandaMcGregor74 said...

oh that is hysterical. She looks very impressive! That so has to be a 21st photo. And yes I think that would have won funniest home videos too!

Jodi said...


Jodi said...

I cant believe the fun and games that happen at your place!! Always a hoot!!!
Hope Meagan is ok?? She seams to be in the photo - a little brown though.... lol