August 29, 2007

Day 71....Not Happy Australia!!!!

Don't know what you think but I was a bit upset with the girl's who got through to the final 12 in Australian Idol last night. Not Happy Australia!!! What were you thinking when you decided to vote Mary Poppins through!!!! Maybe she has alot of friend's at school who voted for her..... anyhow today's photo shows how I feel about last nights result, let's hope tonight's result is a bit better I like Ben and the Surfy Guy that sang last, he had a bit of a hand shaking thing going on just like Bobby Flynn did last year.... well maybe not that bad! but anyway I don't think he knows what to do with his hands without his guitar!
I went in and did reading with Ryan's class again today this time I took Megan with me, she sat in with the class and Mrs Merlehan gave her some activities to do with the rest of the class.... didn't she think she was cool!! Afterwards she told me that she didn't want to sit next to the same boy next time because he kept copying her work and he stunk like chook poop!!! I'm surprised that she waited until afterwards to say something and didn't tell the boy to his face!!!
Here is a couple of cute pics of Miss M.

That's all I have for today bye bye for now!!!

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