August 31, 2007


Doesn't look good does it, and it was even worse the next day! This is the result of a needle I had yesterday the SIZE OF A HORSE NEEDLE in my arm. It wasn't so bad going in because I was given an anesthetic first ( Ouch hasn't that stuff got a bit of sting in it ) the worst bit is afterwards when it all wears off!!! Ouch Ouch Ouch!!!! I'm going to milk this one for all I can I'd be crazy if I didn't! Every time I feel a bit sick no-one in my family really believes me so I don't get a rest, funny that isn't it! Next time when the kids day "Muuuuum can you...... " I'm just going to show them my arms (because I have matching bruises) sorry dear my arms are too sore!!! This was day 73.
Here I am day 72 just about ready to go to town I've just got to turn that TV off so I can get the kids attention and get them dressed. I know I know I've dug a big hole for myself when my 5 year old can't dress herself, I have on occasion let her and it's really frustrating just watching her sometimes she puts the clean undies on over the top of her old ones and I don't know how she does it but she gets into the biggest tangled mess when trying to get her shirt on or off' she even puts her socks on upside down, crazy isn't it!! One day and I'm hopeful that it will happen, my mornings will become a bit easier.
I got my Pay it forward RAK off Jodi today - Thanks Jodi.

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