September 3, 2007

Spring is in the Air

It's Monday morning Day 76 for me and I'm a little bored with the mug shots I've been taking so I decided to pull a few faces today.

This first shot is my "Ooooops maybe I shouldn't have done that" look, you know the kind of look you get when you are trying to take a short cut because there just isn't enough time in the day to do it properly and everything just falls to pieces!! Then you think back to what Mum used to say "If you did it properly the first time you wouldn't have to do it again!!!" Gee Thanks Mum!!!
This look is my "Get out of my way, don't talk to me, don't look at me, don't even come near me" look. This one doesn't come out very often.
And finally this is my " I can't believe it" look, this one comes out on occasions such as finding cracked eggs in your daughters bedroom or driving all the way to the front gate to catch the bus and realising that you forgot the kids!!!

Day 75 and it's Father's Day, and just as predicted Ryan and Megan came sneaking in to our bedroom before the sun was up to surprise Dad! Megan wanted Dad to open his presents so much that well.... she opened them for him! Ryan was openly discussed about this because deep down he wanted to do it, so he yelled out "It's not Megan Day you know!! It's Father's Day". Everything turned out OK when Dad allowed them to open the copious amounts of lollies which the kids put in with his pressy. Hope you all had a nice day!!

Today's favourite is stalking everyone else's blog when I have five minutes to spare!
Today is day 74 for me and it's the first day of Spring, and one of my favourite things to do is "Spring Clean" I know you all think I'm crazy and should be admitted but I really enjoy having a good clean out and rearranging things so it all feels fresh and New! Today I did Megan's room and you wouldn't believe some of the gross things and little stashes of goodies I found! Yeah she was really organised for the next time she was to be sent to her room for something, she wasn't going to starve that's for sure! I took everything out of her room including the bed gave it a good clean and put it all back in, now it is pristine...... well for the next five minutes anyway until she goes back in there! Crazy I know but it felt good!

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