September 10, 2007

Storm Clouds

Day 83 and here I am late this afternoon checking out the storm which is brewing around me!! So I suppose my favourite for today is watching what Mother Nature can come up with "Storm Watching".
These pictures really don't do the clouds justice they were a really weird colour...... everything looked a bit yellow.
The clouds were rolling and rumbling right before my eyes!!!
Here is Ryan and Lulu..... looking a little large isn't she? Would you believe she is only 8 months old!!
I was a bit of a slacker today day 82 and didn't take any pictures so thought I might show you my favourite picture of myself and my two kid's Megan and Ryan.
I did have a pic lined up for today day 81 but it wasn't taken on my camera, it was taken on Jackie's camera after three of us had had a few too many wines and were incapable of taking our own picture, unfortunately it hasn't been emailed to me yet..... soon I hope.
So here is a pic I took of Megan instead, which leads to my favourite for the day.... taking pictures of my kids and anything else that gets in my way anywhere between 100 and 300 a month!
This is my pic for today Friday day 80.
This is my favourite for the day..... Flowers. These are the flowers Mark came home with for me on my Birthday.
Here I am Day 79 and I'm getting ready to go out for lunch with Jodi and Jackie, I'm really looking forward to this!!
I certainly didn't expect all of this.... what a nice surprise!!! This is me with Jackie...
..... and this is me with Jodi.
So I guess my favourite for the day is having lunch with great company!


Jodi said...

Sorry Brenda for not sending those photos through.... I ahve done now though!!!
Love the storm photos too!!!

Marianne said...

Are you still blogging?