September 5, 2007

Today's photo is day 78 for me and it also happens to be my 37th birthday, is that right maybe I had better go and check my birth certificate, I'll be back in a sec!
See I told you that since having kids my brain had turned to mush.... too much going on I think!!
And yes my certificate says that today is my Birthday and yes I am 37..... woooohoooo how exciting turning one year older and getting one more wrinkle, 100 more grey hairs one year closer to retirement! Oh that's right once you have children it's a job for life! Pay sucks so I wouldn't be able to retire anyway would I!
Here is my favourite for the day..... Sunrise, it's peaceful, fresh, birds are beginning to sing and the trees are kissed by the sun for the first time, the colour pallet is amazing!
Well I had better go now I have some more cellebrating to do. Take care and Ill see you tomorrow.
Oh and a big thanks goes out to Jodi who left a comment..... see I told you it wouldn't hurt!! lol


Tracey said...

Happy Birthday Brenda. Hope you had a great day.

AmandaMcGregor74 said...

Happy Birthday spring chicken!

Jodi said...

Happy Birthday!!! What a gorgeous sunset photo.... will you scrap it!! And i totally love your photo for the day too!
Seee ya tomorrow birthday girl!!! Does the verdict have a bYO licence? Hmmm, might take one just incase me thinks???

linda said...

Happy Birthday Brenda all our love from the Withrington's, I made a cake but you have to come to Tasmania to eat it!! lol