October 15, 2007

Back to School

Back to school today what a relief, they may look happy in this photo but I think these two little people would have seriously hurt each other if we had another week off school!
This is becoming quite a problem in my house, what to do with so many eggs!!!
Well today we decided to blow them out and have a little fun. It's too early for Easter I know but who cares.
Aren't they beautiful, Megan did such a great job making sure they were all so colourful. I think she had more fun mixing and playing in the huge bowl of egg that was going to be thrown out! 12 eggs in all.
So proud..... I wonder how long these eggs as fragile as they are will last?
With one dozen eggs used for painting I used another half dozen on a pav for desert tonight ( no wonder my jeans are getting tight ). The pav looks a little cracked that's because Miss M wondered why I had the oven ajar letting it cool, so she stuck her hand on it to make sure.
That's all for today bye.