October 23, 2007

Close Encounter

Look who came to visit us tonight! We knew something was up when Phoebe our dog wouldn't stop barking at something under the house, initially I thought it may have been a snake as we did have a close encounter with one a few weeks ago!, but as usual the kids just had to investigate and this is what they found Phoebe going crazy over. About an hour after discovery it was getting quite dark so I took the kids inside for a shower and while they were there I went outside to see if I could get a closer look. Would you believe he was right at the front door just behind the step, so I got down a little closer to try and get a pic for the kids. I couldn't believe my luck when he came right up to me he wasn't at all frightened and I can see why, with those huge spikes all over him I would think he'd have no trouble protecting himself!!
He was so cute and very inquisitive when I started to take the pictures he came right up to the camera like about 30cm away.... a little too close for me so it was time to back away!!
For all of my readers who don't live in Australia this is an Echidna!

That is all my exciting news for today bye for now!!

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