October 29, 2007

Just Chillin

You know something is up when all you can hear is silence at my house.... well when I couldn't hear the usual fighting and arguing this afternoon I knew they were up to something and I certainly didn't expect to find a chook sitting on my lounge watching Sponge Bob Square Pants!!!
I know I should have gone off my head but it was kinda cute..... "Look Mum she really likes it", well at least the cat was getting a break!!!
I quickly took these pictures and told Megan to get her outside before she makes a mess on my lounge.... seconds later Megan comes inside looking for clean clothes because the chook has pooped all over her!!! Wasn't that close!!!

Got to go and see what they are up to now.... bye

1 comment:

Tracey said...

How cute is that. The chook looks quite comfortable