October 28, 2007

Down at the Yards

Ryan and Megan aren't usually allowed in the yards when we are doing cattle work but today they got to have a go once all the calves were draughted off the cows. Today we are marking the calves, vaccinating and de-horning..... boy I'm glad I'm not a calf ouch!!!!! The kids had never seen a calf being marked before, Megan was so funny she said " Mum I can see it's guts", she nearly got it right "Nuts Megan Nuts".
Megan was trying to get right up there in the thick of the action...... Ryan said "I think I'm going to vomit!" I don't think he liked the sight of all the blood once the calves were done.
Pushing the calves up the race was funny to watch...... " get up there you big bully head yaaaah yaaaah"

Time to go home for lunch and Megan drove..... we had a bit of a white knuckle moment near the ramp, a few more lessons are needed I think.
Just thought I'd throw a picture of me in that I took a few weeks ago.... just to mix things up a bit.
That's all my news for now bye!

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