February 14, 2008


Alfie, the newest member of our family. After Phoebe died a few months ago it felt very strange not having a little dog to greet us at the door, and the kids really missed not having a little friend to play with. My search started in local newspapers and putting the word out that we were looking for a dog, someone suggested that I try the RSPCA so I did and after talking with the president of the RSPCA in our local area over the course of a week or so she found Alfie for us. I had no idea the adoption process was so strict..... filling out forms and answering 50 questions, I suppose they are just making sure that the dog involved isn't going to be dumped again! The process isn't exactly cheap either but well worth it.
So here he is........
We do know that he has Jack Russell in him as for the rest who knows, who cares anyway we have a new family member and that's all that matters!
He is the best little dog for the kids to play with..... they just love him to bits, if Megan is on the trampoline so is Alfie, he is just so full of life it's exhausting, almost like having another child around the house. He loves to play with our cat Lulu as well..... so funny to watch. Doesn't get on with the chooks so well.... he thinks they're dinner!
Today is the first day I haven't had to go to town to get Megan from school, I had only been letting her catch the bus to town in the morning and I would pick her up of an afternoon, but after a few days of going into town of an afternoon and watching her get on the bus then following the bus home it's time to let her go alone..... without me watching that is, she still has Ryan with her every step of he way to make sure she is ok.
Waiting on one or two of those white Pizza boxes to arrive with lots of new goodies so I can do a few more layouts, I love getting new products to play with.... don't you!
talk soon

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AmandaMcGregor74 said...

very cute!! thanks for sharing!