February 11, 2008

No more cricket!

I've just about had enough of the cricket on the TV at our house, Mark and Ryan can sit up and watch it for hours and it drives Megan and myself nuts! So the other night when you know who was watching it I went shopping ...... again! It's way too easy isn't it? Shopping on-line that is, I just love getting a pizza box in the mail a few days later jam packed with all those goodies.

Here is a layout using some photos I've been sitting on for a while waiting for the right papers. You know a few years ago when we all bought MM foam stamps used them once and put them away....... well I found some in my stash that hadn't even been used, I think I'll use them more often now as I think it looks all right! Here is the MM foam stamp.

These chipboard flowers were all joined so I cut them up to stretch them across both pages instead of just one, I got this out of a Sissey Pack I bought a few months ago...... cute isn't it!

Talk soon

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Jodi said...

Brenda!!! That layout is awesome!! So different and the colours are perfect!! great job!!