February 9, 2008

It's mine not your's!

When I sent my wish list off to santa last year I jokingly wished for a ride on lawn mower as our lawn is about 1.5 acres, I just couldn't do it with our poor little old push mower which had seen better days, we used to put it off for as long as we could. Well my wish came true and now it's a race to see who can get on the mower first, I remember I mowed the lawn whether it needed it or not for the first 5 days straight it was so much fun, what used to take me around 4 hours I can now do in about 45 minutes to an hour....... wooooohoooooo!!!
Here is a sneak peak of something I've been working on today while my husband got to mow the lawn, all I have to do now is journal and it's done!
Hope you are having a super weekend.


Tracey said...

Hi Brenda it is great to see that you are blogging again. To answer your question yes I am going to start blogging again my aunty is on my case all the time. I will blog this week sometime.
cya Tracey

Jodi said...

MEN!!! Typical!!