February 2, 2008

Sad News

Now I'm going back to last November Election Day to be exact it was late in the evening and we were driving down to the cattle yards to draught off a few cows, Phoebe knew she wasn't to follow but she thought she'd try anyway. Phoebe thought she could run behind the ute just as she had done many times before only this time things didn't work out and she was accidently run over. Mark took her straight into the vet to try and save her while I stayed home with the kids and cried many tears, I thought for sure that she would be put-down right there and then. To our surprise Mark came home and said that the vet would xray her in the morning when the swelling went down, it turned out that her back wasn't broken but her pelvis was crushed. Our very kind and understanding vet told us that dogs can come back from injuries like this all you have to do is keep them confined for 6 weeks. As the next few days went by with her on a drip to keep her hydraited and comfortable we totally expected that by Wednesday we would be taking her home, this was not to be the case and things had worsened, it was time to make a very difficult decission the best one for Phoebe.
Phoebe was part of our family for just over 10 years we all miss her very much and even as I am telling you this now in February typing this post brings tears to my eyes.

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