March 24, 2008

At it again!

Remember when I said Megan would pick up anything..... well she's at it again, look what she found this time..... KERMIT. I gotta say he is kinda cute in a green sorta way...... and if you have frogs around it means the environment is healthy........ and that's a really good thing!!!
They both wanted to keep him as a pet....... not a chance, the last thing I want is a frog escaping in the middle of the night and hopping around the house waiting for me to step on it!! It was bad enough when I was taking a few pictures of Kermit and he jumped onto my arm...... Arrrggghhh I screamed "get it off get it off" the kids were wetting themselves laughing at my reaction.... Yeah real funny huh!
Well I hope you all had a terrific Easter Weekend.... we did. I wrote the Easter Bunny a letter requesting that he hide all of his eggs in the house this year because I was worried about animals eating the chocolate eggs through the night and getting sick!! When Ryan and Megan found all their eggs they decided to see if the Easter Bunny had left any more eggs in my bedroom, guess what they found..... all the packaging the eggs came in!!! When they asked with great urgency what this was all about I just said that the Easter Bunny must have been in a bit of a hurry this year and forgot to take his rubbish.......... Naughty Bunny!!!! I think I got away with it!!
Here is Megan with some of her eggs........ Pure Happiness!!
Here is one of Ryan.... note the egg stuck in his mouth.
I'm going back a few days now...... back to last Thursday when the Easter hat parade was on at school. We used the eggs we painted last Sunday and some old hats a bit of cardstock and a few feathers, I got the idea from Zina.
It was a battle trying to get to school without breaking the eggs........ none of the eggs made it home, what a surprise!
I absolutely love this picture of Ryan and his hat....... I don't know whether it's because it's a candid shot or the colours or a combination of both...... but I love it!
Look I even have a new layout to share "Egg me happy", I really wanted to put a cute little tree in the spot where I have the egg but it really didn't go with the Easter theme so I had to stick with the egg.... Hmmmmm.
Here it is a bit closer....
Here is the egg.....
I'm off to go and get domestic now.... so take care and bye for now.


Jodi said...

WOW look at all those great photos to scrap!!!!
Too funny the frog!!
And loving that layout...
The easter bunny got caught in my house too.....
I said Shhh, its the easter bunny - go back to sleep - so they did!!!

Jackie said...

Great layout! and what about there anything she won't pick up??? lol

Tracey said...

Love the layout If you need more frogs I can send a couple of hundred or two. My kids wont go near them