March 28, 2008

Give and inch....

.... and he'll take a mile. This is what happens when you think your child is responsible enough to put the hair gel in their hair all by themselves and do a good job of it!! Not quite the look I was hoping he would come up with..... he thinks "It Rocks"....Hmmmm OK whatever tickles your fancy.
I took a few nice pictures of Megan as well...... soon to be used on a few new layouts.
I have some really big news to share soon..... maybe in the next few weeks once I get a bit more organised....... can you guess what it is?
I am off to see Keith Urban this weekend with some friends..... so excited and a bit nervous at the same time..... because this is the longest period of time Mark has ever been left with the kids and they have alot on....... never mind I'm sure they'll survive.
I hope you all have a relaxing weekend
Thanks for visiting.


AmandaMcGregor74 said...

dont tell me you are joining the "pregnant with my 3rd child" club along with me and Pip???

Jodi said...

oh Amanda.... I wonder???
Preganacy does seam to be going round..... some planned and some Very unplanned!!!
Hope you had a great weekend Brenda!! Look foward to some picckies and my kiss from Keith!! You did pick that up for me i hope!!!
Love that hair!!!

Tracey said...

Does that mean I have to wait till I get back from my trip for the news. (I will be running to every internet cafe I see)