May 15, 2008

Dog to give away!!!!!!

Words can't describe how PO I am at the moment!!!! I am unable to use all the swear words I want too ....... so I think I'll just screeeeeeaaaaaaam arrrrggggghhhhh aaarrrggghhhhh aaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!

My day began in the usual way..... get up have shower then coffee.... get kids up and give them breakfast and help them to get dressed...... while this is going on I usually go outside and feed the animals and let the dog off. This morning we were running a little late so while I was in the bathroom getting ready I told Megan to go out onto the verandah and put on her black school shoes, she came back and said those shoes are the old ones that Alfie ( our naughty dog ) they aren't Megan the old ones are in the big basket up the end of the verandah, could you go and check for me! A minute later she came back and said Mum those ones are ripped too! Aaaarrrrrgghhhh Yep that's right the DOG ate another pair of school shoes!!! These shoes were only 6 weeks old at the most. NOT HAPPY JAN!!!! So off to town we go and wait for the shoe shop to open....... bought another pair of good school shoes!!! Megan's third pair for this year!!

The rest of my day was really nice until about 1 hour ago when I discovered on the verandah that the DOG decided to eat Ryan's good school boots!!!!! Yes there they lay torn to pieces....... aarrrgghhhh arrrrgggghhhh!!!! Why didn't it eat the old gum boots or my old yard shoes why why why? Looks like another trip into town in the morning to the shoe shop!!!!

I think at this moment I would give just about anything to have my little Phoebe Dog back.... she was such a good little dog and I miss her sooo much!!!

I hope your day was better than mine!!!

bye for now


AmandaMcGregor74 said...

Oh dear!! Maybe try giving her her own shoes - our dogs have always been given whatever smelly pair of tennis shoes hubby has worn through - seems to work.

Jodi said...

Oh no!!!
Naughty naughty dog!!!!
I bet you were PO'd!!!
How frsutrating!!!