May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day

Hope you are all being spoiled as you should be! I woke this morning to two very excited kids jumping all over me busting for me to open my presents! So after Megan opened them... yes that's right Megan opened everything giving me a detailed cometary on the whats and hows of everything, I think she would have blown a vessel if I hadn't let her....... I noticed that there was atleast 90% chocolate in the presents....Hmmmmm I wonder why that is!! That's one of the best things I love about Mothers Day...... the excitement on the kids faces and the fact that they went and bought the gift themselves with themselves in mind...... hence the chocolate was all gone by lunch time and I only got a few pieces..... like I needed it anyway!! There was however a gift voucher at Goodness and Gracious which I will have no trouble spending..... tomorrow I think!! After all the gift giving and eating my wonderful husband put on a Sunday Roast...... I didn't have to lift a finger.......Ahhhh I love my family!!!

I spent the afternoon scrapbooking......and here is a glimpse of what I came up with using this months Scraparooney kit...... to view it in full you will just have to visit Scraparooney. I should have another one to share tomorrow I hope so stay tuned.
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