May 28, 2008

Late Post

I'm doing a late post tonight..... truth be told I only got home a short while ago as a few friends and I have been making Gummi Bear outfits for our daughter's to wear for their Ballet dance recital in the eisteddfod in a few weeks....... these outfits are sooo bright and fluffy it's going to look fantastic.

Now I know I'm a little late in posting about yesterday but I truly have been run off my feet.... as they say better late than never!! We had sooo much fun yesterday scrapbooking that I am so excited about the next one..... on a Sunday I'm thinking and I'll let you know when I have confirmed a date. Got a strange look off a man who was wondering why I was taking a sewing machine into the Club along with an armful of pizza boxes...... but hey it was all for a good cause and I am still getting messages from people tonight saying how much fun they had!!!!
I did start a layout yesterday using the new kit for Scraparooney and didn't quite get it finished, so this morning after putting the kids on the bus I went to it and this is the result....
This layout is a bit of fun and the papers and felt were so easy to work with..... I just love it!

Well I'm off to get ready for another busy day tomorrow....... adios!!!

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