May 30, 2008

No It's not a mistake!!!

No I wasn't running late and didn't have time to dress Megan for school...... It was all part of Education Week at their school, all of the kindergarten kids were allowed to wear their PJ's. That was yesterday and today the school had an open day so all parents and guardians could go into their child's classroom and have a look their work. Ryan and Megan got a nice surprise this morning because dad came along with me to check out their handy-work!!!

I wondered how many kids just got straight out of bed and wore the same PJ's to school! Megan picked her PJ's out a week ago and wouldn't wear them because she wanted to keep them clean for the day...... she even asked me to get the "wigglies" out of them...... that means can you iron the creases out!This time last week Megan was in the eisteddfod with all the other kindy kids and she had to have a fish outfit....... how on earth am I supposed to do that!!!! Any other animal would have been easy but a fish!!! After a bit of thought this is what Megan and I came up with...... a huge box covered in sequin fabric with holes cut out for her head and arms, we then added fins and a tail to finish him off!! It was a huge hit!!
Here is a layout I finished a while ago...... I made it using the June Kit for Scraparooney!
bye everyone.

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Meg said...

Nice are a very clever the layout as well..cheers Meg