June 13, 2008

New Paper Shaper

How cute is this.... my new Butterfly Paper Shaper from EK Success..... I just love it. I might make a cute little card using this later on tonight so keep an eye out for that.
Went to the circus last night..... a little cold and wet but absolutely fantastic.... the kids were amazed at some of the performances...... one man nearly fell off the top of a big spinning thing and the whole crowd nearly freaked out..... I found a few of the acrobatic performances a little hard to watch after that. The animals were soooo clever and you could tell that they were all well loved by their trainers...... a good time was had by all.

Apart from feeling sick again..... thanks Megan.... I've been working on a layout today and I might be able to show it on the weekend when I put some journaling on it, I usually have the story all planned out before I create the layout but it didn't quite happen that way this time.
Looking forward to having a restful weekend for once as there is no sport on this weekend..... this means we all can stay warm and hopefully get over our colds.
So take care and have a nice weekend

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Jodi said...

Yes, they are too cute!!!