June 12, 2008

Blah blah...

Early last week Megan was a sick little kid and she thought she would share it around..... so I've been feeling a bit blah blah for the past 5 days..... so much so that there has been no scrapbooking done..... nothing not even blog surfing as I usually do when I have 5 to spare. Feeling alot better now so expect some more posts.

Well finally Megan and the rest of her ballet class had their turn at the eisteddfod on Monday...... It was a funny morning..... trying to get 9 Gummi Bears to stand still while the photographer was attempting to take their portraits was a little challenging. They all looked fantastic....so cute and fluffy in their bright outfits which we made ourselves. There were lots of big cheers when they all came out on stage and did their thing and would you believe........ they WON!!!! wooooohooooOh I might have a little something to show you tomorrow.... kinda cute and I'll send it your way Bronwyn so you can give it a go.

Well it's raining here at the moment and we are just waiting for Mark to come home because we are taking the kids out tonight........ to Lennon Bros Circus in Tamworth...... the kids are busting and won't leave me alone..... is dad here yet..... when are we going.....how much longer....... I wish Dad would hurry up...... well you know the story, you shouldn't let the kids in on the surprise until you are about to leave that way they won't pester you constantly... hmmmmm should have done that.

Talk soon

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