July 30, 2008

A big post

During the holidays the kids and I went on a little drive (5 hours) all the way to Gooralie for the last time........

Our much loved friends Nathan Kelly and Lilly are moving back to Melbourne......... I know we don't live near them but it's great being able to get in the car and go visit them when we wanted...... it's a little harder to jump in the car and drive to Melbourne, just might have to get wings and fly!

This is Nathan and Kelly's rooster we called him Willy Mason (my son is obviously a Roosters fan) , well Willy and all his girls have come to live with us and our girls........ this will be the first time our girls have ever seen a rooster before so this should be interesting.

The dirve back home was very funny...... here I am driving along with two kids in the car 7 hens and not one but 2 roosters. Would you believe that when we had a pit stop in Goondiwindi on the way back through Harrison started screaming out " They layed an egg they layed an egg", the kids were all laughing and I thought they were just having me on.........sure enough there was an egg! Later that day we stopped at a service station to get a drink we left the door open to let the smell of chook poop out of the car and while we were inside Willy Mason decided to crow his little heart out!!!! Cock- a- doodle- doooooooooo........... got a few strange looks it was very funny......not funny when he decides to have a competition with Bruce Lee (the other rooster) at 3 in the morning....... I'm told I'll get used to it!!!
Here is Ryan and Lilly she is now 6 months old and sooooo cute, she giggles she rolles around and the kids wouldn't leave here alone...... there was almost a fight a few times about who got to hold her first and for how long.
Here is one of my favourite pictures taken from our visit to Gooralie....... up at the pig sheds all those little pink piggy ears.
We went into the sheds to catch a piglet as we always do when we visit and this time we got the kids to just squat down and be still instead of running and chasing them....... this is what happened.....the little pigs came right up to us and we were able to touch and pat them...... they are very inquisitive little creatures and all you could feel was their little squishy noses touching and nibbling just checking us out basically it was great fun.
Here are some of the bigger pigs.... this time we said hello from outside the shed.
I did notice this one big porky sitting down having a little rest........... I think he just wanted his picture taken.
Here is Ryan getting up close with the big fella's.
We did manage to catch a little one for him to hold........I would have loved to take this one home for a pet problem is they grow into the biggest pigs you've ever seen.
Ryan had to tuck his shirt into his jeans because the pigs were sucking and nibbling on his shirt...... love the face!!
Outside we found a mountain of sawdust..... the kids wanted to slide down it on their back sides.....wouldn't that be nice a but crack full of sawdust....... obviously I said I mean yelled out NO!!!!! before it was too late.
Ok back home now and on Sunday night just on dark we decided to light a little fire and cook a few marshmellows and fill our bellies up bofore dinner......as you do!
Perfect weather for a fire........ we all enjoyed sitting around it trying to keep warm.
Here is Megan attempting to kill her marshmallow.
Next time I think we'll do the whole camp-oven damper thing....... mmmmmm yummy!
Well there you go I finally got that post finished......... it's been sitting in my drafts for a while now I just haven't had time to get to it.
It's about time I went and got stuck into decorating this birthday cake now that it's out of the oven and all cooled.
Talk soon


Jodi said...

Love those piggy photos... cant wait to see the layout you come up with!!

AmandaMcGregor74 said...

that shot of all the piggy ears is amazing - and I am in camera cluvb and go to lots of exhibitions and see lots of winning photos and I am telling you, judges would love that one. If they have a photography comp for amateurs anywhere near you (like in a local agricultural show) you should emlarge it and enter it!!!