July 30, 2008

Who Said.......

once both the kids went off to school that you'll have soooooo much time to do the things you want to do? What a load of rubbish.......Not True!!!! It just never stops...... Ryan came home yesterday with yet another note from his teacher for another after school sport....... I thought two was enough. I think the kids need to be just that.....kids, and they need at least a few afternoons at home to do ALL that homework they have to get through.

My days are usually spent trying to catch up on all the usual things that have to be done around the house.......these are not always achieved! I love taking time-out to catch up with friends and have a coffee as well....... yesterday I went to Tamworth with friends and just had a girls day out it was wonderful...... I was a little naughty and spent way too much..... more of that later.

This week is a busy one for me..... Today I'm on birthday cake duty for Ryan's 8th birthday tomorrow.... I hope it all comes together just like the picture I have in my head. Athletics Carnival on Friday should be good and I'm looking forward to that one...... hope it's not to cold though.

What I'm trying to get at is my life right now is way tooooo busy to do the Scraparooney thing..... as I've noticed some of you have been asking my friends about it and what happened. You could have asked me you know...... I don't bite!!!!!! Lately I haven't even got time to keep up to date on my blog...... look here I am at 7am whilst having my morning coffee doing this....... how bad is that!! Anyway I've got to go as I have two children I need to get organised and onto a bus in 40 minutes......... not liking my chances at this stage it's really cold and no one wants to move from the heater.

Back soon

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