August 27, 2008

Freakin Out!!!

Yes this morning I nearly freaked out........ over a keyboard would you believe. I didn't realise how attached to my computer I was until I was unable to use it this morning. What am I gonna do, what am I gonna do aarrrgghhh!!! It just wouldn't work .....I checked all the cords were attached to the tower, batteries, nothing was happening. So what does a girl do........go to town and have a coffee with a few friend's......I knew this wasn't going to fix it but at least I would forget about stressing for a while. When I got home my keyboard acted as if nothing was wrong..... I think it must have been pre-menstrual or something, I mean don't we all have moments when we just don't want to work, being poked and proded constantly would drive me to go on strike as well!!!

OK onto more fun things now......yesterday I went scrapbooking with Jacki and Michelle, we moved the table into the family room so we could watch a couple of movies while we scrapped, it was a very relaxing day and the company was fantastic.
Here is the layout I came up with........ trying to catch up on the school albums for the kids. I totally scraplifted the stitched border from here if you are interested.
These funky numbers are from Buzz and Bloom.
Here it is a little closer
Here is a beautiful sunset I captured out my dining room window a few days ago...
These pegs apart from being fun colours and a cute shape are super fantastic. They are called Rainbow Pegs and they are made by a place called Maid of Shade...... they are long lasting UV resistant and hold your sheets on the know how you go out to the line only to find your sheets all bunched up on one end of the line..... well that's not going to happen at my house any more!!!! I can't believe I got so excited about a bunch of pegs......but hey anything that makes life easier has got to be good.
These make me happy......
Til next time.....bye


Jackie / Kate said...

Totally love the way your layout turned out......and thank goodness your keyboard is now working... phew.. crisis

jacki janse van rensburg said...

hi brenda

i left you a little surprise on my blog...

Jodi said...

Lovely layout!!
Glad you guys had a great time.
Will cath you tuesday fortnight!!