August 12, 2008

School Pictures

I've had these for a few weeks and it's taken me this long to scan them so I could share them with you. Thankfully today I got a few more scrapbooking albums off Jodi so I can concentrate on Megan's School album now......... I like to keep anything related to school including certificates and reports all together so I know exactly where everything is. I must say that I now have two years of school pictures to catch up on and I've been procrastinating because I always find them difficult to scrap...... don't know why. Ryan has a little bit of skin off his face ( usually it's Megan ) because he hit the dirt when playing Rugby with his mates a few days before....... I still think it's a cute picture.
I have a bit of a funny story....... every week Megan has her Tuesday news or show and tell..... today she had to take a picture of her favourite place and give a bit of a talk about's my favourite because..... where it is and why it's special...... of all the places she could have picked guess what she picked........ the local furniture shop Riley's. I just couldn't believe it and when I asked why she said because she likes all the furniture......I like it too but it's not my favourite place to be in the world!!! I managed to convince her that the rest of her class wouldn't be too interested in hearing all about what furniture she likes.........but more interested about her last trip to the beach!!!! Do you think that she has accompanied me on one too many visits to the furniture shop........I think so!!!

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Jackie / Katie said...

Cute School Pics....and on the "Rileys" thing....what do you expect..Megan sooooo has shopping in her blood !! lol