August 15, 2008


This new toy I got today is un-freaking believable!!!! It's my new Clip-it-up stand and it's the best thing all my lettering (well most of it) rub-ons and anything else that can be hung up on a little hook is right there in front of me...... no more searching through boxes or putting something in a box and forgetting about it........It even comes with a cover to keep it dust free when not in use........wooooohoooo this is exciting!!!!!!
I'm glad I ordered extra clips because I think I'm going to need them........I still have more embellishments and stuff to go on yet. These Clip-it-up stands are fantastic for those scrappers who are a bit short on space ........I now have room to store more scrapbooking goodies.......well worth it I say!!!!!

Ok I've got to get back and finish filling my stand.


Jodi said...

OK... I have room for one now ive cleaned my mess up...
Next order... get one for me please???
Looks great!!

jacki janse van rensburg said...

oooo. sooo organised... i saw one on celine navarro's blog, and somewhere else too. i must look into it. isn't it great when you find a solution that works?