August 17, 2008

Sooooo Over This.....

Blackouts that is.......yes that's right another day with no power ( well only 6 hours this time ) that means ...... no heating..... no water...... no electric blanket......NO MORNING COFFEE Arrrgghhh!!!!!......If you are really desperate you can go to one of the water tanks around the shed and fill up a cooking pot and boil it on the stove top ( It works because it's gas )...... so that's what I did. Mark did a runner and just went to town for breakfast...... said he needed to be out at Ag-Quip early to set up......yeah yeah. It was colder in my house than it was outside so the kids rugged up to keep warm..... and yes that is one of Megan's beanies that Ryan is wearing.
Because the only thing we could do in our house this morning was use the gas stove we made pancakes for was much warmer near the stove so I doubled the pancake mixture so I could stand there longer and keep sad is that!!!!We love pancakes at our house and I make them just about every Sunday for breakfast if I can and we all eat them differently........ I eat mine smothered in Maple Syrup with a bit of fruit, Ryan butters his and then sprinkles sugar (naughty I know) all over them and finally cuts them into precise little Pizza shapes.......Megan is totally unpredictable she does the above as well as this........
Do you remember when you were a kid making snowflake decorations out of paper by folding the paper a few times then making small cuts.......when the paper was opened up a beautiful snowflake pattern was revealed..........that was what Megan did with her pancakes today....I wasn't quite quick enough with the camera to get it all before she turned them into faces.
So that was all a bit of fun while we tried to keep warm........afterwards the kids just stayed outside and played, I was still in my pj's when the power came back on at 11.30.....just in time because we were all busting to watch Grant Hackett in the 1500m swim.
So, now that we have had our 3rd huge blackout in 2 weeks ( the other two blackouts went for the entire day ) I have alot of catching up to do like washing uniforms ready for school......Oh what fun!!!

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Jodi said...

God another black out!! Blimy Charlie!!
The pancakes looked so yummy though!!