September 30, 2008

Catch up.

Going back to last Thursday afternoon when I had just gotten home with the kids from school I could hear Alfie our dog barking ( nothing unusual ) then I caught a glimpse of one of these striking at him.........
Please note that I didn't stop to take a picture of it.......although I did think about it!!!! This is a picture I found on the Internet. Trying not to alert the kids I got them in the house and grabbed the phone to call my husband........If the snake was smaller and less agitated I would have attempted to get it myself but Alfie had stirred it up so much that it was really pissed off and the shovel I was using only had a short handle........the snake itself ( Brown Snake one of Australia's deadliest snakes ) was approximately 4 feet long. I kept guard over it for about 10 minutes and it finally dived into a hole in the ground.......only 2 minutes before Mark had driven all the way from town to get it!!!!
On Sunday afternoon when I was going over to the shed to get the lawn mower out it was there again basking in the glorious sun.........well, it won't be basking in the sun anymore thank goodness........a shovel fixed that one. Now I know some of you are thinking how could you kill a snake when they are supposed to be protected.......let me tell you my children are a protected species as well and I will do what I have to to keep them safe!!!
On Friday afternoon we went to Goondiwindi for a christening which was to be held on Saturday....... had a fantastic time catching up with friends and even bumped into a few familiar faces down town.
Here we are waiting for all the guests to gather outside the might notice that there aren't many pictures of Ryan.......every time I went to take a picture he went all grumpy and put his head down......Megan was very obliging as usual.
Here I am with my little princess.......
Here she is again....
We had a lazy Sunday morning at the motel and the kids had a bit of fun in the spa.
And here is the man we all went to see......only 8 weeks old cute huh! Richard took Mark for a little ride on his bike after breakfast....... the bike looks a little small in this picture but trust me it's not Richard and Mark are just two really big men!!!
Well that's it for's school holidays here and I thought I might take the kids to Tamworth for the day.
I forgot to say.....I am going to see my sister and her beautiful family for the first time since February 2004 next week....really looking forward to that!
Enjoy your day

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Jodi said...

Megan looked gorgeous in that dress Brenda didnt she>> Colour really suits her!!!