October 2, 2008

Some might say......

.....that I'm "Camera Happy"......well yesterday that was true, I had a look at my little counter on my camera and I took approximately 200 pictures.....here are some of my favourites...........
Hanging out at Pumpkin Patch........I'm sure all the other shoppers thought I was weird.
Refreshments at Donut King.............it was very busy.....I hate holiday crowds!!!
We all went for a walk around the big park in the middle of Tamworth.........and I won't say who, but someone kept trying to catch a duck.
We found a water fountain.
More water fountain.
Played in the leaves.
Afterwards I thought that wasn't such a smart thing to let them play in the leaves.......spiders live in leaves.
We came home with some bedtime reading.
Later that afternoon Ryan and Megan decided to get wet.......they had way too much fun can't you tell.....
This went on for hours......I didn't mind at least they weren't trying to hit and punch each other like the usually are.
Here is a picture of our Apple Tree in Blossom.......right on sunset, it's just beautiful.
This morning I left the kids at Mark's work while I went and had my hair done and when I went back to collect them they were both covered in dirt......way too grotty to go out for lunch or to do any grocery shopping.
We have had a real hot lazy afternoon this afternoon, not much house work has been done and it's really starting to look a little out of control......I read that Mazza is giving up her house keeper, I wonder if she would drive the two hours to do it for me?? I think she might run if she saw the state things were in at the moment..... I need to get some organisational lessons or tips I think.
Wow, that was a photo heavy post wasn't it!!
I'm really busting to do some scrapbooking but it's a little hard with two helpers!!


Jodi said...

LOVE all those photos!!!

Mazza said...

Hi Brenda - I haven't actually done it yet! She is due to come next week so I thought she might as well - it will be harder than I thought cutting it out - such a luxury to come home to a clean house! Maybe she could just come once a month ....