December 29, 2008

A few things christmas to share...

Nanny and Grandfather were coming to spend Christmas with us this year so Ryan and Megan wanted to make them some special cookies....very yummy!

Very bright and tasty.

This year I was a little strict with the decorations that went on the tree...... gold, silver and loads of crystal type ornaments.....definitely no tinsel I hate the stuff.

By 6am Christmas morning you couldn't see our floor for all of the wrapping paper, we did however have two very excited little people.
I love the look of surprise on their faces.
I know I have been really slack on the blogging side of things and I'm going to try real hard to change that. There has been alot going on around our house.....some of which I will get around to sharing and some which I can't at this stage.
I'm really looking forward to getting a little creative again..... not really sure what happened to my mojo but I felt just a tiny bit of it today while I was doing a bit of blog surfing.... so hopefully soon I will have something to share.
Anyway I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and have lots of fun planned for the holidays.
Here is a cute pic of Ryan I took the other day..... don't you just love what he does with his hair when he gets out of the shower! Such a cool dude......I don't think that's what you're supposed to say anymore is it? It's probably meant to be something like "Fat" or "Sick" ......showing my age now aren't I ?
Take care til next time.

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Jodi said...

Hey Brenda!! Great to see your blog post!!!!
Looks like you had a lovley christmas!!
We are gonna do the whole colour theme too next year!!! Your tree looked lovely!