January 4, 2009

Got creative today

Cute isn't it ? If it looks really familiar it probably is as I totally lifted it......Tara Scobie got an honourable mention in this years Scrapbooking Memories Masters for her calendar, a little owl just like this was part of her entry.

Here it is a little closer........ I think it took me around 3 hours to make....heaps of stitching, beading, stuffing and presto and new little friend in our house.

Here is one of those catch up things.........can you guess what it might be ?
I have noticed myself squinting when on the computer, watching TV and when reading.......so I could no longer put it off, I had to get my eyes checked. My eyes aren't that bad and I don't need to wear them all the time but I am so sick of squinting and getting a few too many headaches......the change is amazing!
OK that's all from me today....call back soon.


Jodi said...

That owl is so cute!! Your so clever with that kinda stuff!!
Was wondering when the specs would make an appearance!!!
They look great, love the shape!!!
Stu recons you look like a teacher!! Very authorative!! LOL

Lisa A said...

Hi Brenda,
The glasses look great, yes i too must wear them to when doing computer work or watching tv or doing craft...Love the owl

Jackie / Kate said...

Hey Hey Hey.....the specks look great !! And how cute is that owl - clever girl..