January 17, 2009


Ryan was my little helper......have a look at what he helped me make.....ooh that looks scrumptious.....lickety lick yeah!! Here is another look at our lip lickin' cupcakes........and that's about all I'll be doing, lip lickin' that is........my new year is not about going on a strict eating regime.... it's about better choices.....and I chose not to eat one just like last night when I was about to choose which drumstick I was going to eat......choc chip or mint choc chip, when thank goodness the phone rang and I chose to answer that instead, all I could do was once again lick my lips while the kids got those.
Oh look here they are again, by now you might be thinking " so what it's just a cake" but hey....they are freakin yummy lookin' aren't they? Now my mouth is salivating I think it's time to change the subject!
OK, here is a bit more on our time away......in case you haven't already guessed we went to the coast. These pictures were taken on the way over at Dorrigo.......see that sign post behind the kids.......that is our last name and yes that Lane is named after my husbands family, his father and grandfather owned a large portion of the farming land around Dorrigo around 20 years ago.
The views are just like a post card in every direction....and from a few spots on a clear day you can see the ocean. Mark seems to think that we should retire here.....hey wouldn't that be funny.....the Schmitt's living on Schmitts Ln.
That's all I have time for today....call back soon.

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