February 5, 2009

More Layouts

Here are another couple of layouts I'd like to share......You might remember that I won the February Double Up pack from Cut and Paste a few weeks ago, this is what I have come up with so far....I only got the kit on Monday morning so very pleased with the result.
and a little more.........I'm totally in love with this layout at the moment the papers were perfect and those pink and black verb stickers from Heidi Swapp are to die for!!! Seriously they are so yummy I want to use them on everything.
Another layout......this one for Ryan and his Cousin Jake.
"Cool Cousins"
a little closer.....
and a little closer......I love the Jenni Bowlin Calendar Cards, very cute and I also used them for a template to make a few journaling cards out of patterned paper.
I still have some papers left so I should have another layout made from this pack to share with you early next week all going well.......Got alot on in the next few days so scrapping will have to wait.

Here is a look at the complete February Double Up pack go and check it out here.
Here is one of my every day life pictures......Frogs frogs frogs....where are they all coming from, everyday there is a frog be it big or small in the laundry.....this little one was found under the dining table while we were eating breakfast.

"Little Kermit"
Had a power outage for the second night in a row last night....this one went all night and didn't come back on until 6.30 am this morning......If we don't have power that means no water, no air conditioning, no fans, no toilet flush, NOTHING BUT STINKIN' HOT WEATHER ALL NIGHT.....I survived just! I think it would have been cooler if we took our pillows out and tried to sleep on the trampoline....I hope we don't get another tonight.

That's all I have for today.


Jackie / Kate said...


Marisa said...

Oh wow those double layouts are just gorgeous!

Jodi said...

Yes, they are gorgeous layouts.... Im glad i got that kit now!!

AmandaMcGregor74 said...

love the layouts - good job. But forgive my stupidity but why does a power failure mean no water and no toilet flushing???

Brenda said...

Hey Amanda,
I live out of town on a property, we aren't close enough to get our water from the town water supply, we get our water out of a bore and to do that we need to operate a pump.....no power means no pump, I can't flush because there is no water being pumped to do so.

Hope that answered your question.

Marisa said...

HI Brenda, I have something for you over at my blog. I think you deserve it! Have a great day!