February 4, 2009

Nice Surprise.

Got my February issue of Scrapbook Creations today........what a nice surprise I got when I saw these two layouts in it.
"New Shoes"

"Totally too Tweet"

and a bit closer
I have been really busy all week doing something which I'll post about later.....check back for that one. As for the rest of the week.......I have so much on that I'm wondering how I'm going to get it all done........that's what you get for putting important stuff off, and off, and off, til you come to the realisation that it isn't going to do itself and then you have to bust your ass to get it all done on time.....sounds like fun doesn't it!!

I've been checking out a few Scrapbooking Blogs late at night when all is quiet and I'm very excited to see so many beautiful new ranges that were released at CHA last week.......I can't wait for them to make their way to Australia so I can get me some. So if you have a spare five minutes go and have a look you'll like what you see I'm sure.

talk soon


Lisa A said...

Congratulations Brenda
Great Layouts you deserve the credit for them

Jackie / Kate said...

Big Congrats Brenda....best go buy my copy tomoz xox

Tracey said...

Congratulations Brenda they both look great

Jodi said...

Congrats on your lovely layouts....
I love your work!!!

Ive tagged you!!