February 24, 2009

Photo's to share

I haven't blogged for a few days so here is a quick catch up.

Alfie spends all day every day getting into stuff he shouldn't be......he is an adventurous little fella and more often than not he stinks so much that I can't stand it......just like he can't stand having a bath.

I noticed a few mushrooms popping up on Jodie's blog in the last few days.....so I thought I'd share one that popped up at my house.......I love the colours.

Megan has been saving her pocket money over the past few weeks and on the weekend she bought her baby's a few new clothes.....we went to the local markets but all the doll clothes were a bit ordinary so we went to Target and bought the real thing, 0000 and 00000 in the baby section fits perfectly. I took this picture not long after getting home......doesn't she look like a real little mummy gently holding her baby trying to settle it!!
A few days ago I took a few pictures of Ryan and Megan......it was mainly for practice on my camera and in the process I came up with a few photo's that I really like......here they are... I absolutely love this one of Ryan......It may not be totally perfect but to me it is.
This one I thought was a bit of fun.......Megan skipping.
Oh, and here is another mushroom we found while taking some pictures.
I have also watched an entire season of "Lost" which I hired last Friday.......why hire when you can watch it on TV you might ask? Well, where I live the TV signal isn't very good so that means I don't get Prime ( channel 7 ) at all.....so for the past 2 years I have missed them all, shows like Lost, Desperate House Wives, Prison Break and Gray's Anatomy....thought it was about time I caught up on a few episodes.
I hope to get some scrapping done very soon......I printed the pictures out I just need a day at home to get into it.
That's all I have to share today.

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