February 14, 2009

Slack blogger is back!

I know I've been a slack blogger in the past week....sorry about that, I'll try harder to blog on a more regular basis I promise.

I bought these gorgeous 6" x 6" calendar cards from Cut and Paste a while ago and I knew I wanted to do some kind of Year in Review album with them, but I wanted something a little different from the usual kind of layout with a series of pictures taken for that month, I wanted something that had a bit of a mish mash of everything......and which I was able to use up alot of older papers on. I have attempted to do the Year in Review the past few years and never got past January, I really want to get it right this year.......so here is a few little snaps of what I came up with this week (my second attempt, the first one was crap).

There are different sized pages throughout this album.......it all just depended on the subject and the size of the photo I printed........I don't want it to be uniform in style.

I haven't written about every single day of the month......because firstly it would drive me mad and secondly who has the time to do that! I just made up a small card with a small photo and a quick note about some things which I thought were worth writing about.

Some pages have what would be considered a full layout.

You can just see on the edge of this one that there are three rings......that's because this is just a 3 ring binder I bought from the local News Agent.....at the rate I'm going with this it's going to be full by the end of next month but I am still able to transfer all my pages to a larger binder if needed.

The idea is for this to be quick and very simple......so far it's working although I still have to catch up on another 4 very busy weeks.

A few afternoons ago we were hit with a huge storm.....the rumble as it moved across the paddock towards us was amazing.
Megan sketched me a little picture of the both of us earlier.....I'm not sure if I'm meant to have two belly buttons or that my tits are down around my waste. She asked me yesterday if when she grew up is she going to have wrinkly skin like me? What am I supposed to say to that? I know that I'm getting older but having your own daughter draw you with tits around your waste ( which they definitely are not ) and wrinkly skin is kinda depressing.
The lovely and very talented Marisa gave me this award.....this was a nice surprise thanks Marisa for thinking of me.
Here are the steps:
Say one nice thing to the man in your life.

Thanks for cooking dinner while I was buried in my scrapbooking the other night. I think it was meant to be soppy but I didn't want to make you all sick!

  • list atleast 6 ways you measure success in your life.

My children's happiness, good health, a beautiful family, the most amazing friends, being loved and being able to love others, I enjoy the simple things in life.

Now the tough part is to choose 5 bloggers which you think "Measure Up".






Hope you all enjoy your award :)

It's hard to believe how cold and wet it has gotten.....cricket was cancelled this morning much to Ryan's disgust, he put on his whites anyway and he is currently trying to make mini muffins while wearing his cricket gloves. I on the other hand love the rain because it meant that we could all sleep in and just listen to the rain.....a rare pleasure!

I love a give away....and guess who has one over at their blog right here right now!!!

Have a good weekend.


Jackie / Kate said...

I was belly laughing reading your post....totally cracked me up - the part about Megans drawing....funny stuff xo

Tracey said...

Thanks for the award. Love the picture how funny

Marisa said...

LMAO, very funny what kids will come out with, love her drawing it is a classic....you left a comment on my blog regarding the punch, that you would like one, if you email me I will give you all the details on how you can get one...

Marisa said...

Just letting you know I have tagged you on my blog for a challenge, nothing to hard....have a great day!