February 16, 2009


Really I mean it.....this will gross you out but it's all part of what goes on in my life so I thought I'd post about it anyway.
This morning while we were getting ready to go to school Ryan came in all freaked out screaming " Mum there is a chicken hawk caught on the fence", he screamed this repeatedly until I could understand what he was on about. Well the first thing I thought was to grab the camera ( as one does when something a little out of the ordinary happens ) as we walked closer it started to flap around.....I was kinda under the impression that this thing was dead!!! So I sent one of the kids in to get a towel while I took a picture.....when I zoomed in on this bird on my fence I noticed that it wasn't a chicken hawk at all it was an owl!!! I approached as slowly as I could and put the towel over the owl to calm it down and try to untangle it from the fence. Oh it was so freakin gross.....his eye was completely gone and what was left was tangled around the barb on the fence. I tried to get it off the barb and just couldn't, so now it's time to get serious I asked Ryan to get me a sharp knife....he came back with a steak knife which turned out to be useless, so I told him to go and get my craft knife with the very sharp blade.......yes that's right my scrapbooking knife saved the day ( it's now in the bin because I'm too grossed out to use it ). After a quick trip into town we took him to one of our local Vet's hoping that something could be done.....you'll be happy to know that at around 2 pm this afternoon he was still doing OK and if he survives he will end up at a very luxurious local wildlife park........well that's the plan anyhow.
Ryan wanted me to share this with you......he is so proud of himself, note that he turned his red dots into cricket balls.
I have been given another challenge be Marisa, this one is a bit of fun and it'll be interesting to see what other people come up with.
All you have to do is go to your sixth folder in your pictures and select the sixth photo and post it on your blog telling a little bit about the picture......too easy!! Select six other bloggers to pass it on to.
Here is my picture, it's Megan about to tuck into a cupcake she decorated all by herself....it was taken about 11 months ago after we spent the afternoon up to our eyeballs in cupcakes and everything you could buy off the shelf to decorate with.
Sorry I didn't link them all, I don't have time as my new favourite show Underbelly is about to start.

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Jodi said...

ids found that owl!! I bet he would in so much pain!!!