May 4, 2009

Rugby Weekend.

We went to Walcha for Ryan's first game of Rugby Union on Sunday. Despite the fact that Walcha is one of the coldest places in the state and it took us 2 hours to get was a wonderful day, not that cold at all, and Ryan eventually fell asleep after an hour of asking " are we there yet", he was slightly excited.

Here are the "Red Devils" ready for action.

This is about the only action shot I got of Ryan.....the sun was way too bright and the game was way too fast.

The Red Devils played 4 games and won each game.......the boys were so proud of themselves!!!

Here is Ryan taking a break in between games.........

Here is Megan all rugged up for the Rugby with a cute little scarf that I made for her. Did you notice that she now has no front teeth.....a couple of weeks ago she twisted, wobbled and pulled until the second one came out, it was really hard to watch but she was determined to even it all up and get another visit from the tooth fairy!!

Here is the scarf a little closer.......Pink and Orange are two of my favourite colours at the moment.
Speaking of colours....... I'm crocheting Rayn a big woollen snuggle blanket in this great colour combination. I've almost finished one for Megan as well....just waiting on some wool I've ordered to come in.
That's all I have for today........bye.

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Tracey said...

You have to love rugby and all the cold places you get to visit. Love the scarf.