July 23, 2009

More Cupcake Goodness!!!

Man oh man this is slightly addictive!!

I lovin' these so much I've made a dozen already! These are going to be great for a little person's pretend play......a tea party perhaps, a pretend bakery or even a picnic.
I've got a bit of an idea brewing for these stinkin' cute cupcakes.......stay tuned if you think you'd like some for your special little person.

Yum yum!


lisa dickinson said...

oh my - those are cute! and calorie free, too! :)

Pip Prosser said...

Hi Brenda ... just stopping by to see what you have been up to ... love the felt cupcakes, they are so very sweet ... the wool blanket is lovely ... love the colours particularly the shade of pink ... where did you get you wool? I don't know how you find time in your day to achieve all that you do, clever Mummy .. take care, Pip

passion4pinkblog said...

These looked like the real thing until I went to your blog, can't believe there felt !!!I've had the cupcake obsession lately too. I ll post them soon. we made some real for our girl'16th and then I made a plaster o' paris type one just for the fun of it.