July 28, 2009

Everything is gone!!!!

Last Friday morning my computer died.....zip, dead, nudda nothing!! OMG I felt like curling up into the foetal position and crying!!!!! I had photo's from the past 8 years on there.....EVERYTHING IS GONE!!!!!! Luckily I had some sort of back-up, I saved the majority of my photo's on disk each month......only I got a little lazy and didn't do it for the months of May , June and July this year.

I've had to hi-jack my husbands secretary's computer to just let you all know what is going on, hopefully I'll be back up and posting photo's by tomorrow...all going well that is!

Just a quick thanks to all of your lovely comments on those cute little cupcakes......I've got loads more to share with you so call back soon!!!

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