July 13, 2009

On the weekend we decided to get our camp oven out of the box and give it a run. Saturday night we built a big fire and burnt marshmallows and made a damper and on Sunday we decided to cook a Beef and Mushroom Ragout.It took 4 hours to cook and OH Man it was so yummy!!! I added a few sausages to the mix to make a little more kid friendly and I left the chunks of sausage big so they didn't get mixed up with the steak when serving!
The kids loved the fire and hung around it most of the day.
Megan liked the fire so much that she didn't come inside at all throughout the day....not even for lunch!!!! Great holiday entertainment and a great way to get your yard cleaned up!!!
Thought I might leave you with this cute picture I found a few days ago while looking different fabrics on a few blogs.........love the colourful lanterns!!!
Thanks for stopping by.

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