July 11, 2009

I love mushrooms and when I saw one of these stools on Melissa's blog a few months ago I wanted one. As luck would have it my sister only lived a short distance from the shop and even better knew they lady who owned the shop where Melissa bought hers so I asked her to check them out.........I really wanted it for Megan's room, I had to keep it a surprise for her birthday so even though I ordered it a while back it only arrived this week.
The cute little felt mushrooms next to the stool I made from a pattern I found on Melissa's blog also........thanks Melissa for all your creative inspiration!!!!

As I was saying my baby girl had a birthday this week......the big Seven.
Wasn't she over the moon when she opened a gift containing one of these........
I have never seen her brother be so nice to her...... ever!!!! Now he's counting the days down to his birthday hoping that he gets one also.

Speaking of big brother's her is Ryan at the Rugby a bit over a week ago ( in need of a hair cut I know ), he loves this game and he and his team mates are getting better each week it so good to watch.
Unfortunately at this game one of the boys in the under 13's broke his leg and the Ambulance had to be called........guess who was standing over the poor boy the whole time the Ambulance Officers were treating him ??? Yes she is one big sticky-beak, and she came and told us all that it was OK the boy wasn't dead, he just broke his neck!!!!
It took another 20 minutes to explain that they only put a neck brace on as a precaution, as they do with most accidents!!!
OK, I'm going now as we are about to light a big fire outside and make a damper in our camp oven over the hot coals.....fun fun fun!!!


Melissa Goodsell said...

Yay for the mushroom stool and the little additions that you've made are gorgeous.
That's a fabulous shark costume a few posts down too!!

Marianne said...

Thanks for the comment - I couldn't send a reply as I haven't been receiving e-mails telling me I have a comment - weird. Hopefully it will all blow over soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Brenda,
I love reading your blog...my two girls are hanging out waiting for their birthdays they so want a DS as well...cheers Meg.