August 31, 2009

Big Weekend.

The kids and I went for a little drive on the weekend to catch up with some special friends in Goondiwindi, I wish we had more time to stay and chat but I had to be in Moree the next morning for Rugby.
This was the last carnival for the season, because temperatures had been up around 36 degrees on Saturday I was dressed in T-Shirt and sandals thinking that it was still going to be hot.........Huge mistake! It rained all day and it was terribly cold, Ryan didn't even notice he just wanted to get on with the game ( all 4 of them ).
I had to strip his clothes off him before he got in the car to go home because of all the mud, his white short aren't white anymore!!
Just for something different, on the way home I saw some weird clouds in the sky.
When we eventually got home late yesterday afternoon Megan was doing the gate for me and because I didn't take many pictures for the weekend I took this opportunity to get just a few while I still could.
She was in a good mood which meant I could take as many pictures as I wanted without her getting all cranky on me!
What a gorgeous Seven year old smile.
I have a few more good ones......maybe one day I could scrap them!
I hope you all had a great weekend.

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Jodi said...

Aww cute piccies!! It was cold on Sunday hey!!!