August 18, 2009

I need more time!

I haven't had time to get creative for the past few days and it's driving me nuts!!!

My entire weekend was taken up with Rugby, I was on canteen for the First Grade game on Saturday and we had to travel to Inverell for the Junior Rugby on exhausting!!

Yesterday and today I've been giving my house a good scrub....nearly done I just need a bit more time. Mum and Dad are arriving this afternoon ( for Agquip ) and I know she doesn't care if there are sticky hand prints all over the doors and not all of the ironing is done but I always go into panic mode and clean from top to bottom......the house that is!!! I even washed Alfie ( our dog ) he smells way better than he did earlier, he has to look his best because mum is bringing her newly adopted doggie ( one of 3 ) along with her.
Because I didn't have time to take and edit any new pictures today I'm going to share a picture I took a few weeks ago.........sunset on my dining table.

Thanks for visiting.


the Provident Woman said...

Great picture!

Susan said...

Hope you're enjoying your visit with Mom and Dad!
Thanks for your sweet comment!