August 15, 2009

Quick Share!

Here are the little goodies I completed on Thursday. I haven't shown Megan yet because she'll want them all for her tea parties......I'll be sure and make her another batch shortly. I've also got a few other goodies I'd like to get started on so make sure you visit again to see those!

Frosted Cookies with Sprinkles
6 for $20
Hot Pink Strawberries
6 for$10
Yesterday was a huge day for us, the kids had their school athletics carnival. Megan was so proud of herself......she got a few ribbons as did Ryan. I really enjoyed watching all the kids having a great time along with all the other was a huge turnout! Some of the kids personalities really show when they run giving them a very distinctive running style......I saw kids that just wanted to skip and giggle to the kids that brought their own starting blocks, very serious!
After the sports carnival the kids went on to their weekly tennis lesson. I had all intentions of going home after the lesson had finished to get some much needed house work done, but hings went in a different direction! Next thing I know we end up at a friends house with a few bottles of wine, nibbles, lots of laughs and a great was 9.30pm when I got home with the kids! Oops! I know it was totally a spur of the moment thing but sometime they are the best times.
I'd love to show you some of the pictures from the sports carnival but I haven't had time to play with Photo Shop yet......they all need to be edited in some way!
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passion4pink said...

Oh I Luuuuvve the PINK strawberries, say ther'e mine please!!!!!!!Yes yes yes!!!
Cakes are nice, now too stop tempting me with that pink stuff!!

Brenda said...

All yours Vicki.....I knew you would love them!

Jackie / Kate said...

These are sooooo cute - I don't think I dare show Lucy .... lol

Melissa Goodsell said...

You've done such a beautiful job on these - they look delightful!