August 7, 2009

I wish I wish I wish!!!

I wish I had a creative space like this!
Isn't it amazing, so bright and organised (unlike my huge mess in the corner of a room ) this is a place in which I'd spend every waking moment letting my creative juice flow!!! Oh man, I'm so in love with this space!
The owner of this outrageously beautiful studio has her own blog called allsorts there are lost of goodies to look at so pay her a visit and be inspired.
I've been busy with my sewing machine this week.......stitching up my first wholesale order of Sock Savers 4 Kids.
This is only half of them, I have to make another batch up for Big Kids over the next few days. I'm super impressed with the way they all turned out.......what do you think?
Here is another one of those paintings I finally got around to completing this week.....perfect for a little girls room!
Did you happen to notice that I sat it on my new kitchen dresser to take the picture! See the enamel ware on the shelf above the painting, I found a full set of this stuff also including bread bins, biscuit tins and a few other bits and pieces packed away in a box..........I bought them 4 years ago and never got to put them on display because I didn't have a dresser to put them on! I knew I was meant to go to that auction last weekend for a reason!!
Take care and have a super weekend!!!

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passion4pink said...

OMG that is a really gorgeous space, I could set up a bed there too!!!Love it! I can see that your'e on your way to a great small business opportunity there, If I had grandkids I'd buy them all some of those cute sock covers for sure.