August 3, 2009

Caught in the moment!!!

On Saturday morning a friend and I went along to an auction.......just to have a look I swear. The smaller items were all priced and the larger items were to be auctioned at noon, at first when the gates opened there was a small resemblance to the boxing day sales at David Jones.......grab all you can and if someone has something you want growl and if they let it go it's yours!!! This was really amusing to watch, all I ended up with was a basket.....I love baskets, big baskets.

When the auction eventually started I didn't have any intentions of bidding on anything, well nothing big about caught up in the moment, I saw this big kitchen dresser and thought "oh yeah I kinda like that", next thing I know my hand was up in the air making a bid ( I think someone bumped me from behind and my hand went up ) and through no fault of my own I won!!!!
I am so happy with the way it looks in my house, only now I have to rearrange a great stack of things to make way for it......just the push I needed to clean out alot of unwanted stuff.
Gotta get back to my stuff....seeya!

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