September 15, 2009

I love beautiful things!

Yesterday I found these beautiful fabrics in an Etsy store, I couldn't resist I had to have them for a project I've been trying to find the right fabric for. I was a little hesitant at first because it's being shipped from the US and I think I'd cry if it got lost over the Atlantic somewhere, but hey, I thought it's worth taking a chance on so we'll see if it gets here......or not!
Today I went to a Stampin' Up demonstration which Jodi hosted, the stamps are gorgeous and I couldn't resist buying a few. I am so going to have some fun when I get my new stamps! Can't wait!
There were stamps for all occasions.....I bought some christmas ones as well so I could do my own cards this year.
That's about all I have energy for today.......maybe if I didn't stay up all night reading "New Moon" I wouldn't be so tired, early night tonight!
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Julie said...

Beautiful Fabric!!! I am a bit of a sucker for fabrics (again) at the moment :)
It is such a great time to purchase from America with the dollar so good... Gotta love internet shopping :)

Oh, love your cupcakes!